In many countries, schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this?What solutions can you suggest?

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Chil of today is man of tomorrow. To give better education to the student is the responsibility of government. As children behaviour become a serious issue in teachers and parents life. This world look at several reasons behind the rise of the problem.

Primarily, one of the cause of the problem children are becoming introvert just because of their parents. As parents are busy im this era and do not spent time with their children. The point to be noted that children sitting alome makes a child short tempered. Whereas, it generates the juvenile delinquency in the society. Moving ahead, children are more pressuring by their teachers and parents so with this they are taking part in crimes. To overcome this problem learn the nature of Children is important for parents and teachers both. As they learn from them. In addition to it seminar so that parents and teachers can learn more how to behaviour with children.

Secondly, the another cause of the problem, children are more attracted towards the electronic gadgets and internet. Yongesters usually expand their precious time with the mobile phones and social sites. Children has their great interest on the sites as they depend on them. For example in India there was a game in which the person can prove their self at the end their was death with last years 100children dead. Every problem comes with solutions. Students should be independent where as few Hours should be spend on this equipment by which they can savefrom disease as they become more closure with mankind.

By hammering the last nail, teachers and parents can change the behaviour of the masses by which they should concentrate on studies. Confidence level also can take part by taking support from both of them.

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