Some People think that getting a degree from university is the best way to guarantee a good job. Others believe that it would be better to go straight into works and get experience instead.Discuss both views and give your opinion!

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In the recent decade, it is the trend in the students to take an admission in university to get high salaried jobs or expected jobs. Some believe that, by doing so, one can get a confirm good job. While, some people have faith that, by doing directly job and taking an experience will be good. Here in this essay, we will discuss both the views of people and will make conclusion on it.

An education is always assist in improving the performance of the student. It improves the thinking ability, team work and commitments which lead to understand the values. Now a days, due to huge population, the availability of man power is significantly high. Industries are kept filter for selection based on how much they have taken an education in that field and also on grades what they have got in degree. Those who don’t studied are getting eliminated in the first criteria. So, there are huge chances of getting a job rather good jobs if you hold the degree. From my personal experience, those who graduated on the same day, out of which one has started to do the job and one went for higher studies. Over a period of 3 years one how went to studies are at good position than one who was working from last 3 years. This depicts the benefit of education.

One can enrich their knowledge by experience. But, in the current system of industries the one who hold degree has got opportunity for promotions although others are more intelligent than him. Having said that, to enrich the knowledge by experience is quite tough compared to learning the from books. Experience will not take someone to his desired position but a degree can.

By looking at both views of people, I think by taking a degree from university will profoundly increases the chances of getting job.

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