The number of people working online from home has grown in some countries. What advantages and disadvantages can come of this trend

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There is no denying that workplace has changed drastically in recent years. This is because technological achievements have made it possible for the firms and conglomerates to outsource their tasks to people not located behind their desks physically. There are pros and cons towards this shift of workplace which will be discussed in the following essay.

There could be some arguments about the negative aspects of employees working in their homes on the projects which their number is increasing as we know of. Initially, the quality of the job that has been done would be compromised, if there would be no monitoring directly by their supervisors. This is endorsed by a handful of elite managers when asked whether this is a case or not. Secondly, the sense of the collaboration and cooperation will be decreased if the person is not present in the workplace, as he works remotely far from it. For instance, the chance of understanding the members of a particular team assigned to work on a project and their characteristic traits is declined, due to the fact that every individual is working separately, with no opportunity of personal and close interactions with one another. This is vital since it has been proved via academical researches that personal communication inside the company among colleagues is like a catalyst in gaining a better result out of a project or a task.

However, many people also support the notion of working online and outside their departments. Firstly, it has been argued that involvement in work via the internet will lead to a sense of personal freedom, and will create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility in the employees, thus, will eventually result in better performance of human resources for the company when deadlines seem crucial. Valid studies by a well-known university show that a group of people working in their homes outperforms a target group of people working in their offices at their companies on the same project. Last but not least, being assigned on the projects with the same perks and wages as the traditional employees will act as a bonus since there is no commuting to the workplace during the day, therefore, everyone feels less stressed and aggravated by the heavy traffic, caused by workers’ commuting regularly on daily basis.

In conclusion, working online far from the offices is an increasing pattern of doing job nowadays. This has its own disadvantages, as some people believe that the quality of the finished tasks and improving the results would be deteriorated, while, some people argue that there are good aspects to the whole issue, as the staffs have more freedom dealing with deadlines and they are less anxious when it comes to their general health.

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