Some people say that it is possible to tell a lot about a person’s culture and character from their choice of clothes.Do you agree or disagree?


We are living in the era where things are judge by their appearance, like all the gudgets meant with eye catching look, likewise, nowadays few people belive that clothing style
of a person can represnt enormous information about his or her personality and culture. As per my opinion I am strongly disagree on this statement, beacuse there are many other factors which should be consider to make any final image about a person, like communictaion skills, knowledge etc.
In this essay I will dicuss my views in details.
Firstly, There is no doubt that it is quite common that people are mainly judge by their clothes. If someone is wearing a latest dress as per fashion it gives an advantage to attract the others, and give an advantage. for an imstance, For a business meeting one should wear professional clothes so it will give an impression that the person is well educated and have sound knowledge of specific field.
Even though, Some companies has rule for their empolyee to wear only formal clothes during office hours, as they have belive that well-dressed empolyee will represnt the culture of the company.
On the other hand, There are few examples, which make mentioned statement as a fallacy, if we take the example of sucessful businessman or a person, and look into their dressing style we will be shocked that they wear casual dress.
Another example is many children belongs to poor financial families still they are excellent in their study, then it will be totally wrong to make a perception that only well dress children are good in study.

So to conclude, As I mentioned in this essay clothes are not an accurate scale to measure the character or culture of a person. One should be judge on his or her deed and rule what he or she is playing in our society.

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