Some people think that young people should be ambitious. Others believe that it is fine if young people do not have big aims in life..... Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Everyone want to be successful in the life and because of the few people ponder that youngster should have clear future plane what they to be in their life, however remaining trust that having a great aim does not help in any expect. I per my opinion, every person should have same aim, so that they can mold their life accordingly. In this essay I will discuss both the view and elaborate how having a clear goal would help individual.

Considering the scenario of life with goal. Some people believe that having a clear-cut goal would not help to everyone and the reason behind this is that, because of their bad past experience where they have planned something and failed to achieve that and at the end of the day they might feel unhappy with their pre-planning theory. For an instance, In India during 1990 most of the students enrolled them-self into the Civil engineering course because of high demand of civil engineer in the market, but unfortunately, market changed and most of them are could not get the job when they passed their educational program.

On the other side, there are group of people who strongly recommended that proper goal in the life would result in positive manners. And the cause behind this is, without proper planning if someone start directly working on the task, chances of failure or less efficiency will be high. For an example, there are many well reputed institutes who conduct personal interviews before giving admission to a student, because it is proven fact that person who have clear mindset what he want to become in his or her life works more effective way compared to other who just move without any objective.

To conclude, As I have discussed both the cases, and explained how a person without any target work in a less-effective way, but there most of the people who become successful in their life had made proper plan for their life. Thus, as per my understanding everyone should have proper object in their life.

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