Children should be occupied at all times and should never be left to their own devices.

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Children should be occupied at all times and should never be left to their own devices.

Many of us might be asking the same questions to our selves nowadays. Along with the impact of technology and widely usage of it in our lives eventually, we are facing with serious changes in our lives and our children’s. Even if you are not a mother or father there is undoubtedly a significant risk for the lives of our children. But here comes main question, what should be the task of parent’s in such a circumstance, should they keep their children away from technology or leave him / her alone and let whatever if she or he requests ? This essay will try to make you think the answer for th...

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Sentence: Further to this another disadvantage of leaving our kids alone with their devices is a certain risk for the family which is keeping our children away from the family, whether we like or not.
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