Do yo u agree or disagree: In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today.

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Do yo u agree or disagree: In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today.

Will there be fewer cars in future than today? In my view, an answer of this question is affirmatively “yes”. It is human who has to make surrounding blissful and clean in order to live healthy throughout the lifespan. There are several viewpoints to this issue. Such as an environmental, economical and health-related.

Firstly, human being has misused the natural resources of fuel by using automobile carelessly. People don not believe in clean environmental. There should be one car per family in order to save an environment. However, all the adults preferred to use their own private cars. As a result, there has been permanent damaged to ozone layer of the environment due to increase combustion of the fuel. Therefore, since past few years we are experiencing extreme of seasons all over the world. Additionally, oil is not a renewable source. Increase usage of this non-renewable source will lead to scarcity of fuel in near future. Therefore, there are high likelihood of stop using personal vehicles in near future. On the other hand, it would be wise option to switch from private cars to public transportation to save environment as well as fuel in twenty years.

Secondly, global shortage of fuel will lead to increase oil prices. According to recent statistics oil prices are already sky-high compared to prices one decade ago. Before five years it was $0.75 per/gallon and now it’s $2.00/gallon. If it will continue to rise at the same rate, common public will no longer afford having private cars. Additionally, If you see students staying away from the family don't have seriousness of consequences related to oil crisis, and each of them uses private cars in hanging out and commuting rather than car-pooling. As a result, students will have to get a bikes and remain on campus during their college life in twenty years from now. Therefore, we can say that, it is the present generation and elderly who are responsible to destroying the environment, economy and making world uglier place to live for our future generation.

Thirdly, there are higher incidences of childhood obesity in infant because of wrong lifestyle of the parents. For example, evidence suggests that children of an overweight parent are at higher risk of developing stroke and diabetes during their early childhood. Cars have a major role in creating obesity epidemic in United states. For example: People who has 24 hour sitting job developed habit of eating and inactivity which lead to obesity. Therefore, physicians have started recommending them to stop using cars and start using bike and public transportation instead of cars. Additionally, obese parents give born to obese child and this is how they pass the obesity gene to their next generation. It takes at least a decade to change a gene pattern in the body. Therefore, to stop getting fat and acquiring various disorders in the body people have to change their lifestyle. Therefore, people will prefer to use bikes rather than cars.

In conclusion, use of automobiles have created a bad environment, economic crisis and health consequences. In order to balance the environment and live longer people have to stop using cars in twenty years and switch to healthy lifestyle.

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due to increase combustion of the fuel.
due to increased combustion of the fuel.

it would be wise option
it would be a wise option

have to get a bikes
have to get bikes

People who has 24 hour sitting job
People who have 24 hour sitting job

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