Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Except for doing homework parents should limit the use of children under the age of 13 on electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones

New technologies brings much challenges to our life. High-tech fascilities such as mobile phones and computers have nemerous benfits for human life, but besides all the advantages, they have some potential danger for us especially young children. For example, some parents believe they should impose a limitation for their children's using time of these electric devices. They think it is necessary except the time children do their homework. As a father, I personally agree with this idea for some remarkable reason which will be explored in the following essay.
To begin with, young children do not possess the ability to schedule a thourough plan for themselves. They waste considerable amount of time sitting in front of computer screens or stiring to their mobile phones. Therefore the children not only kill their valuable time but also harm their eyes anf sane. This wasting time can be allocate to useful activities such as reading books and doing some exercises. Recently, I read an article stating that seventy percent of children who has obesity are the ones playing videogames far much than allowable time. In other words, these children do not have enough time to do other activities. I surely believe that parents can play significant role by supervising the time their children spend in front of these electric devices and block the occurence of further danger. The parents should allow their children use these devices for their homework and after that let them use these devices in a limited time.
Moreover, surely these devices are connected to the internet. Altough the internet has a lot of merits for children, there is no supervision on the internet contents. Thus, children are exposed to wide range of unappropriate information and websites that can have adverse effect on children. The more the children surfing the web, the more they are exposed to these potential danger. I believe that parents can reduce their children exposure time to these improper contents by exerting some rules that limit the usage time of the electirc devices. It worths to mention that it is parent's duty to teach their beloved children the true way of using internet content.
In conclusion, I think the best approach for parents who have young children is to first teach their childen how to use these devices properly and secondly limit the time that children allowed to use these devices. By adopting this approach not only they can use electric devices to their homeworks and playing games, but also they do not harm themselves at all.

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New technologies brings much challenges to our life. High-tech fasci...
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