Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Governments should spend more money in sponsoring arts than in athletics (like state Olympics team).

With the accelerating development of our society, arts and athletics have been playing two critical roles in our daily life. It is hard to judge which has more significance. Some people contend that the government should allocate enough fund to support the athletes when it comes to their contribution to our society and inspiring people to stay in the prime of their health. However, from my perspective and actual observation of the life makes me believe that the government should advocate the arts because it is the only way to express the culture and civilization of our society. I will try to elaborate on my point of view below.

The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that Arts effect and role are indisputable in improving the culture of any society as it is the only significant place for a county because it displays both tradition and culture of that community. Art activities like art galleries and exhibitions could be held in cities. This kind of events fill the free hours of people in a valuable way, and people could bring their children to these activities, which children’s culture and knowledge about history and art are improved after visiting such places. What is more, overseas can easily get an idea about the past and the present condition of that country by visiting many art exhibitions, and museums instead of reading a 100-page book to learn. Also, theaters and cinemas are also considered in this area. If we eliminate these kinds of sites from any town, the quality of life plunge there. I will an example from my experience to shed the light on that subject, I remember when I was a child there is a cinema in our city which our parents brought us to there every weekend. We watched a lot of movies and masterpieces of cinema which contribute a significant role in our culture. After a while, this cinema was closed because of some financial problems. We couldn’t imagine our weekend without going to the cinema and watching movies. Fortunately, municipality of town bought that place therefore, the cinema could continue to work. This example of my own life illustrates how and why governments should support the artistic activities and places in cities.

Another reason that deserves more word is that athletics could get sponsors from non-governmental companies. We all know most of sports teams can get sponsors because of their ability to rich a lot of people from broadcasting their matches from media. These companies most of the time compete with each other to be a sponsor of a sports team. Therefore, the money problem of sports teams is less than art activities. On the other hand, art activities could not get sponsors like sports teams; therefore, this duty belongs to governments. To give an example to shed light on that subject, Nike is a big company which producing sports clothes, is the sponsor of most sports teams, even the more infamous ones like state teams. But I think Nike is not a sponsor of an art exhibition of a very famous artist. Not only, Nike, but it is also same for most of the companies.

The last but not the least, It is good for the government to support art since it a great way to attract tourists since most of the tourists are being drawn to the county which has a significant civilization and the art exhibitions and museums are the only way to express any community civilization. By doing so, the government can get a lot of revenue which can be used to build many infrastructures which help to improve the people's living condition.
As all things considered, the government should spend money to support the art because the arts are the symbol of the society's civilization, it is the way to make our county more appealing to the visitors.

As all things considered, the government should spend money to support the art because the arts are the symbol of the society's civilization, it is the way to make our county more appealing to the visitors.

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