Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One can learn a lot about another person from the books and the movies that the person likes.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One can learn a lot about another person from the

books and the movies that the person likes.

Definitely, the society is consisted of numerous individuals who have diversified personalities and hobbies. It is widely acknowledged that we can hardly know completely about other people. However, there do exist some means by which we can learn certain aspects about one another. The vast majority of people consider knowing about one’s favourite movies or books as an effective way to acquire some information about one’s characters. From my perspective, I am in favor of this statement since it actually raises valid points,

Admittedly, some people may concern that people in modern society are gradually losing their individualism being overwhelmed by the bombards from a myriad of commercials and the so-called trend, thus most of them share the same interests and hobbies, no matter whether they actually love them. For instance, the contents of many best-selling books or the most popular films do not deserve such popularity. However, they are widely welcomed due to the extol from some influential celebrities, which engender the increasing number of people who claim that they love these products in order to follow the trend and avoid against opting out of the modern life. But only they themselves know whether they sincerely appreciate these movies or books. As a result, it is unreliable to gain information about a person from his preference to the books or movies. Therefore, the aforementioned reasons may account for why some people believe it is inaccurate to know others by this method.

However, although sometimes people are likely to conceal their real feelings about one movie or book, such means can literally help us to know other people deeply. Their consistent preference to one genre of movies or books betray their hobbies or traits in most cases. For instance, it is entirely probable that people who always show strong interests in comedies are humorous. It is their complete understanding of every laugh points that results in the unvarying preference to this kind of movies. Otherwise, there is no need for them to insist on these films if they are not capable of capture the interesting points in the movies. By contrast, people who love science fictions for a long period of time are the most likely to be the ones with strong capability of imaginary which ensure their comprehension of these novels. Otherwise, they may think the story lines and themes are totally meaningless and unrealistic. Hence, that is why we can know a lot from the types of one’s favorite books or movies

What’s more, other than the traits, we are also able to learn one’s profession from the books or movies he likes. Because people from all trades and professions generally show different interests in various types of fictions or films. Take myself as an example, I extremely prefer the fashionable column of the magazines as well as the movies with similar themes due to my job in fashion magazine. I like this kind of products not only because of interests, but it can also be attributed to my desperate demand for the related information to fulfill my tasks. By contrast, if I am a scientist, there is no reason for me to engage in such genres. Instead, I may show strong interests in the collection of scientific researches since it enable me to gain more professional knowledge. Therefore, we can learn about one’s job from his preference to certain genres.

In sum, although some people may assert that the information gained from others’ favourite books or movies is somewhat unconvincing, I insist that we can literally learn about one’s personality and profession from his interests in certain kind of genres.

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