Do you agree or disagree with the following statement The opinions of celebrities such as famous entertainers and athletes are more important to younger people than they are to older people Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The opinions of celebrities, such as famous entertainers and athletes, are more important to younger people than they are to older people.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Entertainment has already become an indispensible part of the era, where people become over entusiastic about the privacy of the celebrity. Some justify their behavior by claiming that famous entertainers and antheletes cannot have sufficient privacy due to their special occupation traits. However, such excuses can just exacerbate the graving situation. As far as I am concerned, people, including those who enjoy fame and reputation, deserve to enjoy high level of privacy protection especially in the time of big data, three reasons of which are of great siginifance and will be discussed as followed.

First and foremost, it is undeniable that some has gone to extremes that they insist that every detailed aspect of celebrity' life should be in the limelight, consequence of which could be hazardous. Report has it that many stars are constantly troubled by the frequent disturbance of the crazy fans and annoying reporters. Chances are that when they are at a private family reunion, the next day the contact information of their parents and chirldren could be known to public. The situation deteriorates when such hazardous behaviours even grow into a dark industry and business. It is declosed by some female actors that many of them have been ever threatened with their so-called porny and secret pictures which could be taken in a unimaginable manner, say, the tiny camera set in the hotel room. It pains me to admit that our current level of privacy protection is far from satisfactory.

Furthermore, full and equal protection should be the basic moral and pursuit of a morden society, where everyone should be guarded regardless of their professions. The pathetic truth is that public, who are all, to some extent, troubled by leak of personal information, in turn claim that the protection of celecrity's privacy should be inperior to that of common people. Such viewpoint simply just the worsens the already toxic environment of privacy protection, which could be reflected in every suffering of privacy leak of the superstars. Take the example of my favourite Korean group Twice as an example, one member of which,Nayeon has been troubled by silimilar situation. Since 2016, Nayeon has been harrassed by the German twins, who got Nayeon's specific location and personal information from social media as well as some illegal channels. However, due to the tolerance of the corporation and public's statement that idols are a special carrer that will naturally lack some privacy protection, it eventually resulted in tremendous theat to Nayeon's life and family, tragedy of which ended by psychological diseases of Nayeon.

Nevertheless, a voice still arises that public figure has to sacrafice some extent of privacy as they acquire numerous benefits from their current carreer. Ironically, whether celebrity obtain incomes due to their appearance in front of public, which I take leave to doubt, is yet under debate. Many famous actors and sport stars achive huge success for the reason that their professional ability surpass most of that of others and stand out in the entire field. To put it another way, not everyone who has access to public can success regardlessly. Moreover, as I mentioned before, it is absurb to justify some evil behaviors simply in that those who suffering from those are enjoying a better life. It is important for us to be cautious of the potential malice to the successful buried in our mind.

In a nutshell, I firmly stand that famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now.

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