Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The personal and work-related challenges that young people face today are not any different from the challenges their parents and grandparents faced when they were young.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The personal and work-related challenges that young people face today are not any different from the challenges their parents and grandparents faced when they were young.

Throughout history, adolescents have had difficulties in order to overcome different problems in puberty ages. The controversial question which arises here is whether the nature of problems faced by the youth has changed compared with previous generations or not. I am of the opinion that these challenges have been changed dramatically. In what follows, I will elaborate on my viewpoint.

First of all, the increase in the world population has introduced highly competitive demands for open jobs. Nowadays, the upgrade of public education-level, along with the increase in population-level, has given rise to immensely competing in the job atmosphere. These competitions, in turn, introduce lots of difficulties for the young who want to start their career. On the other hand, with the absence of a competitive job atmosphere, previous generations didn't confront these challenges. Take my brother's experience as an example. When my brother was fifteen, he decided to left school in order to get a full-time job. But, he failed to find any position without a diploma. By contrast, without attending school, my grandfather had been able to find an above-average job when he was sixteen. Had not the competing career environment exist, my brother would have found a job in the same way as my grandpa did.

Moreover, the development of science and technology has brought about numerous scientific fields, which has made the process of finding a prosperous career harder. Old generations mostly followed their ancestors' fields of work without any problem, but new generations are facing to the huge number of fields and branches which they can step into it. Thus, a sense of confusion is common in adolescents when they want to choose their way. For instance, when I completed high school, I faced with the dilemma of choosing my major in university. From one perspective, I could continue my father's way, and from another view, I could study my favorite major. Finally, After a lot of research and efforts, I opted for my field of interest. Not only did I come up with this hard decision, lots of my friends also did.

In short, all the aforementioned reasons lead us to the conclusion that the nature of difficulties that adolescents faced with has been transformed. Appearing new problems related to the hiring process, coupled with the availability of vast numbers of working fields, are the reasons which strengthen my point of view. In the end, despite the fact that the youth are facing new challenges, it is highly suggested that they make use of their parents' experiences.

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