Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Television has destroyed communication among friends and family Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion

Television while benefitting us with entertainment and education also harms us by the mindless chatter it can display all day long. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of television people watch during the day. The pandemic in 2020 surely reinforced this statistic, when people were forced to stay at home and consequently watch tv for hours on end and therefore, I would like to agree with the topic. Televisions do destroy communication and the two reasons for me holding this stance are explained below.

Firstly, television has made its way into people’s dining rooms. By this I mean to say that the trend of ‘TV dinners’ has re-entered our lives and is destroying the communication shared between a family during mealtime. For eg: personally, as I was growing up, my family limited the use of television as a way to pass time and instead focused on talking and sharing our experiences of the day during dinner time. Nowadays, we have gotten into the habit of watching tv while we eat, which takes away our focus from the delicious food prepared as well as inhibits our interactions, and restricts them to meager small talk. This has clearly demonstrated to me that television does destroy communication amongst my family, and I would not be too wrong to assume it has done so with others as well

Secondly, school-going children now stay glued to the addictive television screens instead of going out and playing with their friends after school. Children back in the day, were active and healthier because they were exposed to fresh air and vitamin D while getting enough exercise. This helped them grow to their full potential and live a healthy life. Unfortunately, today, children slump their backs and sit too close to the television all day long and this results in poor growth and health issues down the line. Going out to play not only helped us stay healthy but also kept our friendships alive and gave us many opportunities to learn how to communicate with various groups of friends; Consequently, this helped me maintain my friendships; something children in the recent past, lack.

To sum up, I would like to restate that television is doing much harm to the communication between friends and family. Families focus on the television instead of communicating and children stay cooped up inside their homes, preventing them from building lifelong nurturing relationships. Television serves many roles- provides us with information, entertains us, as well as educates us but too much television does us no good and if we want to prevent the ill effects of this device, we need to learn how to limit our use of it.

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