Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

As celebrities, famous entertainers and athletes are disturbed by the general public considerably nowadays, due to the development of technologies, especially the Internet. When it comes to whether these celebrities deserve to have more privacy than they have now, people hold different opinions. Some people believe the their privacy is a method for them to provide entertainment for the public and their duties contain making people happy and relax. However, contrary to their viewpoints is my perspective that every one deserves to have more privacy, no matter whether he or she is a celebrity or not. I feel this way for two main reasons, which are elaborated below.

Among all the reasons why I believe they deserves more privacy than they have now, the most important one is that they deserve a life only belonging to themselves. There is well-acknowledged that celebrities, especially those with high reputation, are heavily exposed to the media, contributing to nearly everyone knows about their activities, which include their personal and private life. However, the overwhelming attention they receive from the audience exerts largely negative impact on them, both physically and mentally. For example, a famous actress named Yang was recently abused by the public because of smoking. With the thought that the celebrities should set good examples for teenagers, the public expressed their blame in the Internet and even uploaded some awful pictures under Yang's Weibo, which hurt Yang deeply.

In addition, another reason for more privacy deserved revolves around the fact that they are undergoing diverse levels of stress caused by the attention and curiosity about their privacy. As mentioned above, people expect the celebrities to set good examples for teenagers. However, no one is perfect without making mistakes. When people pay much attention on the celebrities, they must find something negative from the celebrities. In order to maintain their figures and presence, the celebrities may figure out every method to attract the audience, which put much pressure on them. Take Liu, a famous running athlete in China, as an example. Once Liu was considered as a hero owing to his outstanding performance in the Olympics Games. However, when he was found that he attempted to distract himself from some responsibility, which was his privacy, he lost his popularity. As a result, he felt frustrated and unhappy since then.

In conclusion, famous entertainers and athletes should have their own lives and undergo less pressure, so they deserve to have more privacy than they have today.

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