Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much time on cellphone online games and social networking websites

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Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much time on cellphone, online games and social networking websites.

Children are spending increasingly time on playing computer games, mobile phones and surfing the internet, and people think they are becoming more difficult to education because of this. However, I believe modern technology makes it easier for parents and teachers to educate children, since the internet, computers and cell phones provide so much material for kids' education.

Firstly, the time children spend doing things other than listen to lessons is helpful for them to gain more knowledge. This kind of knowledge cannot be offered by teachers in classes and even children's parents, since information travels so fast that none of the adults could gain, digest, and transfer information as quickly as the internet via modern technologies. Teachers' main mission has changed, from transferring knowledge to teaching learning methods that would be beneficial for childs' self-teaching. Hence, children should be encouraged to spend more time on gaining messages from websites or other ways because they have to learn that ability anyway in the future.

Moreover, educating children has been required for a higher quality than before, so modern technology cannot be blamed for the harder task from primary school teachers. After the realization of the importance of primary education, parents are asking more attention on this development of early education in kids' childhood. Thus, more qualified teachers are required, and the teachers are under the pressure of enhancing their teaching capability, which indicates that children are harder to teach and control nowadays. Consequently, no matter whether children are spending lots of time focusing on cell phones, education of children is becoming more and more difficult.

Although mobile phones, computer games, and social network occupy a large proportion of children's time, some failures of today's primary education cannot be blamed on these facilities, since the main purpose of school and home education in this time period is to teach young students how to become better men/ women. Adults can teach children the sense of respect, considerate, confidence using modern technology, by showing online videos, explaining news, even creating new computer games. Children can learn cooperation by playing computer games when they have to do teamwork, and they can understand the knowledge more deeply when they are taught something they have already learnt on the internet. In this case, the modern technology will do more benefit than harmfulness.

In conclusion, the rapid development of modern technology gives a wonderful opportunity to school teachers and parents to improve their way of former education to children.

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