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Governments should spend more money in sponsoring arts than in athletics (like state Olympics team).

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As the cultural heritage of mankind, arts embody not merely human intelligence and creativity, but also unique traditions. Therefore, in order to pass them down from generation to generation their purity and uniqueness should be well protected. It is the government's responsibility to render financial support to them, especially those with historic value. The same is true with sports. The significance of athletics has gone far beyond the primary purpose of maintaining health and gaining strength. The thriving of a nation's sports symbolizes the overall quality of its people and the comprehensive strength of the country. As a result, both arts and sports should receive the government's support.

To begin with, governmental support helps preserve traditional art forms. Today, many legacies of our ancestors are facing a crisis due to the neglect of younger people. We can find evidence in Chinese painting. Despite its history of thousands of years, young artists tend to show more passion in modern art forms. Many art colleges have even cancelled traditional Chinese painting courses. If financial assistance arrives, some young painters might have the impetus to take up this traditional art form, and then more exhibitions will be held to attract people's attention. Consequently, it might regain popularity among the masses. Once a traditional art form is brought to the limelight, its value may be better recognized by more citizens, and young people begin to cherish the essential qualities encompassed in it and may even begin to give their own support.

Besides, if more funds from the government are created, national arts will have the opportunity to be accepted by the world. Outstanding artists or art groups might be sponsored on many international tours. They will be able to take advantage of these overseas travels to disseminate the essences and values of those arts and make them known to foreign friends. Once a traditional art form obtains renown abroad, its influence is considerably extended. Take Beijing Opera as an instance. If such a national treasure could be shown to other nations, it can become a window for the outside world to understand the uniqueness of Chinese culture and value.

Similarly, state sponsorship in athletics is also beneficial to both the athletes and the nation. With financial support from the government, coaches and players will have better training facilities. Higher income might also improve the athletes' living and health conditions. Besides, a more scientific and advanced sports system can be established to help cultivate potential team members, who are qualified to win gold medals in international events like the Olympic games and bring glory to the country and its people. Hence, the international image of the nation can be remarkably lifted.

Those essential qualities shown in diversified art forms should be recognized by the public. The enhancement of sports teams demands tremendous support from the government. As long as a dynamic and effective state sponsorship system could be built and further developed, both arts and athletics will be acknowledged and supported by all ordinary citizens in the nation.

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