Nowadays many high schools and universities require students to work on projects in groups and all members of the group receive the same grade mark on the project Do you agree or disagree that giving every member of a group the same grade is a good way to

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Nowadays many high schools and universities require students to work on projects in groups, and all members of the group receive the same grade (mark) on the project. Do you agree or disagree that giving every member of a group the same grade is a good way to evaluate students?

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One basic part of the learning process before graduation from schools or universities is fulfilling projects. While some teachers set these projects as a group assignment and give all members the same grade that group work earns, others prefer to assess their student's projects solely. There are different perspectives about which method is better. I firmly prefer to work alone on my project and avoid mingling my grade with anyone else's work. There are three reasons why I subscribe to this idea, which are separately elaborated upon in the following essay.
First, knowing the fact that your grade will be the same as others regardless of differences you have, is a motive killer. Students persuade themselves to do hard works in hope of better results, which differentiates them from the rest and can be a sign of their abilities. They need this status to gain attention or respect, in addition to, higher chance to get future opportunities. However, sticking students with different levels of talent together will reduce the brighter one's enthusiasm to try to get the best out of the project.
Second, working in a group on a serious project can cause conflicts between group members. This is because of how responsible are all members, some may try to take a smaller role deliberately to run away from excessive burden. In other words, there is a possibility that members do not share tasks fairly. As we know, there are always some people who think they are smarter than others, planning to put their loads on others.
Third, giving different students an equal mark has the risk to be unfair. To explain more, it is not a suitable means of evaluation if the teacher binds a weak or lazy student with a sharp or hard-worker one. Consequently, the weaker reduces the overall team grade also the grade of the smart member by lack of effective contribution, while he takes a higher grade than what actually deserves. As a result, the overall grade is not a correct indication of students' competence, some get lower than what they should, some higher.
To sum up, mandating students to work in a group, which means binding them with different qualities to work together, then giving them all the same overall grade, is neither motivating nor fair. In addition, it can raise serious dissatisfaction among students. Finally, I suggest that the assignments should be solitary and the teacher has to assess each student based on his or her performance.

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