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Question:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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While many people may disagree and think that understanding ideas and concepts is the greatest key for students to become successful person in their field, I firmly believe that it is more important for them to learn facts and my reasons are as follows.

To begin with, I have to highlight the fact that I do believe that learning and understanding ideas and concepts, in class for example, it's ideal as well. However, is through the practice and even other people's experiences that students can have a not only better understanding of a topic but they can develop their own personal position about it. For example, through articles we can learn a lot about politics and different types of idealisms around them, and many concepts that support ideas such a capitalism or socialism, but thanks to facts we can study how successful they worked and decide which one we like the most.

The second reason is that facts are indeed real information and way more tangible than concepts and ideas. We can, for example, read a full article about vaccines, and how awful they are supposed to be for human beings, and all of this without scientifc proves; nevertheless there are numerous medical reports denying these type of theories by only using stadistics and facts of patients who have suffered more from not being vacinnated than otherwise.

Last but not least, since facts are reliable on real life experiences, they tend to be more memorable than interpreting concepts and ideas. Students in general look for moments of data that they can remember easily in their future, wether it is in the personal life or professional workplace. Facts can be numbers, or even testimonies of civilizans such as their own teachers. If this data can cause this special impact on the student, they won't really care that much about a line of concept they interpreted long time ago from a book.

In summary, that is why agree that learning facts it is not only more important, but more effective than trying to understand ideas and concepts that a student may won't remember tomorrow.

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