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Some people like to prepare eat meals at their homes.Other would rather at a food point or restaurants.Which place do you think is better ?

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Eating good is very much important for your health and daily life, that combines your both household and professional lives. Today's busy schedule does not permit much time for thinking about the most basic stuffs like food. And during lunch times or in the evening at office, what comes in mind first, is the popular restaurants around. And it is always easy to pick convenience over consequences comprised of health hazards, missing family times and sometimes horrific costs of high street restaurants. And these are the reasons I do prefer to prepare and eat at home.

First and foremost, health cannot be traded off for anything. Good food is the primary pillar of one's health. Making food at home the quality can be controlled from the very beginning of the process. Fresh produces can be used to prepare the meal and amount of ingredients can also be suited to one's taste. Even certain elements can be reduced from the overall diet like saturated fat causing obesity. And all these food parameters cannot be controlled when the food is bought ready made from outside. As this happened to me, when I started take lunch at office, within six months I gained 6 kilograms of weights and went out of the Body Mass Index range. Switching back to home made lunch helped me to get in shape quickly.

Furthermore, some people argues the environment and multitude of culinary in restaurants where one can meet new people and taste new foods. That may be true but in other way this is stealing the family time which otherwise one would have spent with his family. And I do agree with the later part. The little time left, after today's squeezing work schedule, should be well spent with the dear ones. That's why I believe taking dinner at home provides me that opportunity to share my day with my parents and know their whereabouts. This way eating at home can be a family culture and bring members more close to each other.

Finally preparing food at home can be far less costly than the high street restaurants downtown or even than the food stands besides roads. Sometimes preparing food at home can save ten folds of money, which is important now a days with respect to the treacherous economic condition of the whole world. Saving money for even the near future should in everybody's agenda and that can be started with making the food at home.

In conclusion, for some people there may be reasons for eating outside, but I believe the health, family and cost benefits of eating home made foods outweighs the perks of restaurants.

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