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Some people suggest that it is wrong to give money to beggars asking for money on the street, while others think that it is the right thing to do. Which point of view do you think is correct, and why?

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There are different opinions on beggars. Some people think that people should help beggars by giving money. Other people, however, argue that helping with money is not the correct way to support them. I, myself, agree with the latter as they need support other than money. I feel this way for three reasons, which will explore in the following essay.
First of all, free money makes beggars more unemployed. If people continuously providing money to them, they become lazy to do work and continue to beg throughout their life. Because of this, they lose their life and also suffer their family along with them. As a consequence, beggars forget to do their own work for their life.
Second, other reason is that it affects children more than adults. People show sympathy towards children and provide money which makes them uneducated. For instance, adult beggar thinks that children's sympathy can lead to making more money. So they stop children's school education and send them for begging on the streets.
At last, many people give money to beggars, even though they earn less money. Although people are good-hearted, but they should also think about their family and children who survive because of them. They should save money for their children's education and future plan, instead of donating to beggars.
To sum up, for these three reasons, I strongly believe that giving money to beggars is not the correct way to do.

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