Some people think with the development of technology and Internet libraries will disappear while others think libraries are always necessary Which idea do you agree with and please give specific details to support your opinion

Nowadays, with advancements of technology, most of the paper stuffs like as books and novels are disappeared, and people read the iBook's in their cellphones. In my opinion, it has some advantages and disadvantages, so now I want to discuss about them.

First, in an era of progress, people don’t have time to waste on, and the time is valuable, so they are working hard to make comfortable life for themselves. For example, I lived in Australia for 13 years and since I emigrate to this country I was young, and I used to know about news by reading the newspaper but I study nursing on Latrobe university and after I graduated I found a great job in Bondi life-guard in Sydney as a paramedical nurse, so I didn’t have any time to read the newspaper and I have to instead of that to social medias like as Instagram application. And it’s really better than the papers reading.

Second, in the past, because of using lots of paper stuffs, they must cut down lots of trees, and destroyed an animal’s life, and because of that, many popular of animals got decrease to 10 or 20 number in all the world. For example, in Amazon forest after cutting trees, because of that weather always been rainy, make the overflow like as huge flooded, and it was like the human killed that animals one by one. In 2013, my thesis was about, nearly 100 species of birds, in the Amazon basin, are at the highest recorded risk of extinction, according to a recent report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which noted in its 2012 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species that the extent and pattern of deforestation across the Amazon was the primary reason behind the unfortunate development. Included in the list are already critically endangered species like the Rio Branco Ant bird and, according to conservationists, even a moderate rate of deforestation could affect the Rio Ant bird, which has potentially longer life spans. "Over one million Long-tailed Ducks have disappeared from the Baltic Sea over the last 20 years, resulting in the species being up listed to Vulnerable. The reasons for this decline are still not clear, but the outlook for another sea duck, Velvet Scoter is even worse, as the species is now listed as Endangered," the report stated. Another critically endangered Amazonian bird at greater risk of extinction from deforestation is the Hoary-throat-ed Spine tail (kollari), which could face the loss of about 80 percent of its habitat in about a decade, just like Africa's White-backed and Rappel’s Vultures, whose numbers are declining because of habitat loss.

Third, on the other hand, old people, like as my grandparents, it’s hard for them to learn new things such as internet, therefore, they used to know about news on the television or reading the newspapers. I remember, my grand papa always told me, why newspaper stations get closed, so where should I go and discuss about title of each paper of newspaper with chief editor??? And I always laughed on him very loudly. In my thinking, his ideas are traditional, also my son couldn’t understand him anymore, because since he was 5 year old he had mini IPod, but in my view, the government shouldn’t have closed the newspaper houses it’s an old fashion in each country.

In conclusion, every working to protecting animals is really important, and these doing has more benefit for people too. So I agree to will disappear the paper stuffs and libraries and just have some of them, that turns into a museum. I hope the examples I’ve given above have sufficiently expressed my opinion.

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