At some schools, some lessons for young students (ages 5-8) include video games as a way to increase students’ interest in learning. Some people believe this is a very effective way for young students to learn, while others believe it is too distracting

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At some schools, some lessons for young students (ages 5-8) include video games as a way to increase students’ interest in learning. Some people believe this is a very effective way for young students to learn, while others believe it is too distracting and wastes time. Which view do you agree with and why?

From a general view, in the current state of affairs we observe, it is conspicuously clear employing video game for teaching young students. Finding an efficient way of teaching students is an issue which scholars research about it from the long age ago. Importance of this problem, also, exists for teachers and parents, but still, it isn’t finding the best way. Video gaming makes teachers and parents comfortable. Depending on personal experience, personality type, and emotional concerns, people differ greatly on their attitudes towards this question that “Is video gaming better than traditional learning systems?” A host of people from one camp are in the conviction that answers this question with “Yes”. Their supposition is at odds with the conception of some others belonging to another camp embracing the view that video gaming has the worst effect on students. Where I to choose between these options, I would take side with the first camp. I think this way because of two of the main reasons which will be discussed in the following essay. The first one is that learning becomes increasing, and the second one is students’ interesting grow up. Also, In support of this argument, we should note that game come from the unreal world which students may try to learn everything with the game. However, careful scrutiny of the evidence reveals that it provides little credible support for our conclusion.

First of all, I strongly believe that employing video gaming directly affect improving students learning. If students learning each course with video gaming, they can learn that course efficiently. Teachers using book and blackboard for teaching which causes students to make bored in traditional learning systems. Therefore, after some minutes, acquisition reduced. Also, using video games engage all of our sense, and, as a result, learning improved.

Another reason which should not go unnoticed is that video gaming can improved students interesting in learning more and more. Students often like to play a game, thus, if there are learning system which used from this tool can cause increasing students’ interested in studying. For example, according to the mentioned reason, the student can both studying and playing a game in this type of learning systems.

In order to fully evaluate this argument, we need to have a significant amount of additional evidence before accepting or refusing it completely. The first piece of evidence we need to know more, then analyze, is about games come from unreal worlds. Games constructed with the supernatural concepts that influenced students’ mentality. Parents and teachers should watch out for the students until they don’t drown in the fantasy.

To put all into the nutshell, considering the aforementioned points, I firmly believe that it is more rational to effects of teaching students with video gaming. I have several reasons for holding this view, so since not only improved learning but also grew interesting. In the final analysis, the writer’s recommendation cannot be taken to be true because, as it was shown in the body paragraphs above, it depends on a number of questions each of which should be answered. The recommendation can only be accepted if the mentioned statement already referred to are all implied appropriately.

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