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TPO 13 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The extended family (grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles) is less important now than it was in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Family is a vital part of life and it takes place a crucial role in the social community. In the modern era, with the growth of technology and modernization, people have come to closer with each other compared to the past time. Some argue that since people are busier with their work, they do not have time for their extended family. While others hold the different opinion that people nowadays, value more for their extended family compared to the earlier.
Primarily, the majority of people agree with the notion that the family is an integral part of life. Hence, every household reflects the strong bonding between each other. In addition to that, the value of family is the topmost priority for everyone in my country, and thereby, people stand for their family in a household as well as a good situation. To illustrate this more, my uncle stays near to my home. Whenever I face problems in my life, I always run into his place to take guidance and moral support from my uncle and aunty. Moreover, whenever they feel lonely since their children are working in another country, they never hesitate to visit our place. That way, in my family, we always give first priority to make each other safe and secure.
Furthermore, with the advancement of technology and science, it has become easier to get in touch with our dear ones. In the current scenario, it has become common that young ones are migrating to other state or another country to pursue higher education, and others move due to work opportunities. Although with the help of technology, people have become closer to each other. One important tool which would have made this process easy is a cell phone and laptop. With the help of it, people can do video call and actually feel that the other person on the phone is present in front of them. On top of that, there are other applications which enhance this process. For instance, in my cell phone, I have more than 5 different family groups from my mom and dad side, and every member of the groups is so active with each other that no one would have felt a distance from each other. Therefore, technological development is definitely helping people to connect with their family members in the present days than earlier days.
Admittedly, there is some family who has been separating with each other, and they appreciate the solitude attitude compared to the past. Working long hours and having a stressful life has been common these days, and thereby, people do not have time for a social gathering on regular days. On top of that, they like to spend time with friends instead of family members. As a result, the changing mentality and change in the working schedule have been the factor for separation of families in the current scenario, however, I believe that there are only a few families who have changed their lifestyle this way.
All in all, I strongly believe that extended family always would have been a root of the family, and family members will be staying closer even in the future too. This is because it helps people to feel strong and secure in difficulties. On top of that, technology has been taking part a crucial role to make each other more closely compared to the past days.

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