TPO 3 Independent Writing Do you agree or disagree with the following statement It is more important to keep your old friends than it is to make new friends Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Social relationships has been an appealing topic in the world. Some people believe that keeping old friends is more critical than making new friends. Personally, I strongly disagree with that belief.

On the one hand, what has been put under consideration is the personal success. The fact is that making new friends creates chances for people to have a wide range of relationship. Therefore, it is possible for them to receive a variety of supports in life. As a result, they are supposed to come over any obstacles easily. Consequently, enlarging social relationships plays a crucial role in stimulating the development of personal achievement. More importantly, it cannot be denied that if people try to broaden their relationship, they will possess a large probability to derive many varied perspective from others. It leads to a fact that there is a likelihood for them to reflect themselves from many different sides. On the ground, needless to say, it is able for people to be aware of their strength and weakness. As a consequence, people are certain to gradually perfect themselves and gain a lot of success on their career path. By and large, it is highly likely that expending relationships is good idea for people who want to be successful in their lives.

On the other hand, some people might say that creating new friends forces people to spend too much time on socializing with others. Accordingly, it sets a extremely decline on work concentration. However, it is just applicable to a minority. It is widely known that everyone can have their own schedule for working and taking rests in an effective way. Hence, they are able to both hang out with friends and put everything under control. Furthermore, by enlarging friend connections, people stand a golden chance to acquire many options for entertainment. Correspondingly, it is apparent that they tend to have more opportunities for refreshing themselves and getting relaxed with their friends after a hard-working time. For this reason, it encourages people to have their mind revived and to throw stresses away. This, in turn, forms a significant contribution to enhancing the mental energy of each person. Subsequently, it is more easy for people to pay more attention on their work. Beyond any doubt, the ideas that making new friends extremely distract people from working is possible end in collapse.

All the fact mentioned above are evidences supporting my disagreement. It is highly recommended that everyone should take my writing into careful consideration in order to make an appropriate decision on social relationship regulation.

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Grammar and spelling errors:
Line 3, column 702, Rule ID: NUMEROUS_DIFFERENT[1]
Message: Use simply 'many'.
Suggestion: many
...ood for them to reflect themselves from many different sides. On the ground, needless to say, ...
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Message: Possible typo: you repeated a whitespace
...y likely that expending relationships is good idea for people who want to be succ...
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Message: Use 'an' instead of 'a' if the following word starts with a vowel sound, e.g. 'an article', 'an hour'
Suggestion: an
...izing with others. Accordingly, it sets a extremely decline on work concentration...
Line 5, column 154, Rule ID: A_RB_NN[1]
Message: You used an adverb ('extremely') instead an adjective, or a noun ('decline') instead of another adjective.
...izing with others. Accordingly, it sets a extremely decline on work concentration. However, it is j...
Line 5, column 333, Rule ID: IN_A_X_MANNER[1]
Message: Consider replacing "in an effective way" with adverb for "effective"; eg, "in a hasty manner" with "hastily".
...n schedule for working and taking rests in an effective way. Hence, they are able to both hang out ...

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accordingly, but, consequently, furthermore, hence, however, if, so, therefore, as a result, by and large, on the other hand

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Better to have 5 paragraphs with 3 arguments. And try always support/against one side but compare two sides, like this:

para 1: introduction
para 2: reason 1. address both of the views presented for reason 1
para 3: reason 2. address both of the views presented for reason 2
para 4: reason 3. address both of the views presented for reason 3
para 5: conclusion.

So how to find out those reasons. There is a formula:

reasons == advantages or

reasons == disadvantages

for example, we can always apply 'save time', 'save/make money', 'find a job', 'make friends', 'get more information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

or we can apply 'waste time', 'waste money', 'no job', 'make bad friends', 'get bad information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

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