TPO 39 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement In the past it was easier to identify what type of career or job would lead to a secure successful future Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Job security is an inevitable part of everyone’s life because people financially dependent on their jobs to secure their life. In the past decade, as time has passed, people have seen enormous changes that happened in their career perspectives. In this regard, many people think that finding a job that ensures job security and a successful career is challenging. On the other hand, there is another group of people who consider it as an exaggeration and apparently, hold the opposite view of point. Admittedly, from my vantage point, the former view contains more weight. I take the position on account for the following reasons.
The first reason that makes me hold the belief that with the emergence of new technology, it is hard to find a job since the technology has gradually started replacing human power. To be more specific, developing technology can work precisely without human guidance such as robotic invention, programming in the software, and neural networking system. On the contrary, in earlier days, indeed, humans used to hold the entire working industry. For instance, nowadays, in the medical field, robots are replacing the doctors and nursing staff where robots can operate on patients in the operation theatre without taking any help from doctors and nursing staff. Hence, apparently, despite the fact of having an enormous amount of knowledge in the field of medicine, doctors are losing their job very quickly.
Another noteworthy point is that in the modern era, the majority of individuals prefer to pursue higher education and complete their degree with a specialization. Accordingly, competitions among individuals have been increased in order to secure their jobs. Furthermore, employees are expected to work constantly to serve their best performance in their workplace, and the employees who fail to work serve this purpose would quickly lose their job positions. On the other side, in earlier times, it was easier to stick with one job for a whole life. My father is a compelling example of this. He worked as a software engineer in the same firm for at least more than 30 years in his life since there were not enough people who completed their higher degree in the field of engineering. Therefore, it was easier for people to sustain themselves in one workplace for a longer duration of time.
Lastly, having discussed the issue from this point of view, I rather look at it from another standpoint. Admittedly, it is harder to get a successful job nowadays, however, companies are always in search of people who would work efficiently with full of enthusiasm. The company would never leave those types of precious employees from their firms. Thus, working in the field of interest and handling all the tasks efficiently would make it much easier for people to sustain longer in the firm.
All in all, from contemplating all remarks, I strongly believe that it is hard for people to find a secured job position in current scenarios. This is because there is an increasing number of job applicants who compete for the same job positions and because technological inventions have started replacing the need of mankind.

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