TPO-43 - Independent Writing Task Imagine that you are in a classroom or a meeting. The teacher or the meeting leader says something incorrect In your opinion, which of the following is the best thing to do?-Interrupt and correct the mistake right away-Wa

There is a popular saying that the more you listen the wiser you become. Since, from the decades the people who listen and valued other people's opinion are more successful than those who irrationally points out other mistakes to criticize them. As far as i m concerned, when the teacher or the leader makes an error in meeting or class a person must wait till the end of the class and clear out the doubt privately. Clearing out personal doubts at the last not only helps to co-operate with the teacher or leader but also maintain the healthy relationship with them.

First of all, nobody is perfect. When pointing out the mistake we must be careful not to stand out in middle of meeting and hamper that factual speech. For example, my professor had invited a new research scholar from next country and due to the variations in the language he made a slight mistake in his speech. One of the student stand out and points out his mistake which was so embracing to the new visitor that he could not continue the speech as he was disrespected in narrower way. In doing that we all lost the chance to get knowledge from him. If, he had talk about the mistake at the last of the class it would not have hamper whole class from getting such a precious motivational speech. Thus, pointing out mistake in the middle of the class not only embraces the teacher but also cause distractions to the students.

Secondly, people tend to be smarter than they actually are and cause the silly mistake in pointing out the error which is actually not an error. For an instance, once i had gone to a meeting with many professor's about the research project. I was junior among all as I was still undergraduate student and all people should give a introductory speech to make familiar yourself with other member in the meeting. When the turn was mine, I stood up to speak and as I was novice to such environment I misspelled one word. One member in the meeting instantly points out my small mistake which was not necessary and it not only make other people angry but also make him impolite and manner less in front of all people. Hence, speaking at the middle also shows your behavior as it is unacceptable in a healthy surrounding.

Finally, pointing out mistake cause adverse effect on the sentiment of the people. According to popular leader of french, Napoleon Bonaparte saying " an army of goat command by a lion leader is more powerful than an army of lion command by a goat" which states that a good leadership is a quality which addresses the whole group. For example, when I was in my high school, I was participating in inter-curricular basketball competitions. Our coach when saying something make an mistake and one student suddenly shout at the coach for making such error. He further apologies for his make but eventually due to that incident other member start to disobey the coach which make us loose in the competition.

In conclusion, mistake is a minor thing as everybody does in his daily life but it matters how we handle the situation. Moreover, stating about the mistake at the end of class saves the peaceful environment of class, demonstrate personal behavior and cause harmony in between people.

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