TPO 45- independent writing taskDo you agree or disagree with the following statement?In the past, young people depended too much on their parents to make decisions for them; today young people are better able to make decisions about their own lives.Use s

It is inconvertibly axiomatic that parents have a pivotal role in building the young's characteristics. Throughout history, there are many examples that reveal the fact that effective and useless citizens in any given society occasionally learn from their parents. But nowadays the conditions are more various. A controversial question which is often raised regarding this issue is whether people in today's world are less dependent on their parents' decisions or not. Some people are inclined towards the idea that nothing has changed and like past time, parents affect their young's decisions, and some hold the exact opposite view. Considering today's conditions. I strongly contend that youngs are kind of independent of their parents at the present time. In what follows, I will aptly elucidate my viewpoint.
The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that today's fast development of technologies like, phone, computers, and so on, would certainly affect a person's knowledge. Due to the fact that youngs can update their information rapidly, they get always in front of their parents and they do not need their advice or decision making for them. An example will illustrate this point much better. Imagine a young person who knows about a danger of traveling by car rather than the train, and the father force him to travel with car, obviously, the young wouldn't listen to his father because he knows about the merits of traveling with train by getting up to date information about transportations.
Another equally significant point to be mentioned is that the level of education has been changed these days and almost all youngs have a higher educational degree in comparison with their parents. Result of recent statistics conducted by the government of the United States reveal that over 90 percent of the young US citizens are more educated from previous generation, which means that they are more authentic to make wise decisions instead of getting order from their parents.
Finally, the situation in the past was different. In past days families were parent-oriented, which means parent made the final decisions. Furthermore, since the power was in the parents' hands, youngs couldn’t disobey them due to the fact that they could be deprived of family resources. By contrast, nowadays youngs get independent as soon as they get to 18. They will start a new life and a new job that makes them to become independent.
IN brief, contemplating all the aforementioned reasons, as soon realizes that nowadays youngs do not need their parent to make decisions for them in comparison with the youngs in the past. This is for some reasons like technological development, education, and youngs economic independence. It is worth mentioning that parents always want the best for their children and respecting them is highly recommended for the young. Nevertheless, that was a story of a nutshell. Obviously, there are various points that are not mentioned here. At last, it is crucial to remind one's should not forget what a parent had done for raising a person.

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