TPO 48 Writing IndependentDo you agree or disagree with the following statement?Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.

There is no gainsaying that human beings have been developing increasingly since industrial revolution; these days, they find their lives more complicate than ever before. There are controversial arguments about how people especially youngster can cope with complications of life. Some people believe there is just one proper solution and it is that they should acquire proper ability for planning and organize. However, other people attach importance to other abilities like effort, tenacity etc. From my perspective, young people have no choice except obtaining ability for planning and organizing to solve the complex problem of today lives. The ensuing paragraphs will elaborate my points of view.

First exquisite point to be mentioned it that lacking time is one conspicuous aspect of the modern life which is make our lives more sophisticated. There is no doubt that the most of the people are more occupied than ever before and they always have numerous problems as a result of lacking time. For instance, I as a university student should attend university, participate in classes, and study hard for my courses, and do my various projects etc. In this respect, I have to some specific abilities for being successful in my education. I have learned during my life, I should have practical planning and suitable organizing for doing my works. These days, there is no simple way that people can imitate it for achieving their goals, they should find their own specific solution and they implement their solution base on a precious planning and organizing.

Second point that comes to my mind it that planning and organizing aid people ding their work more efficiently. It is undeniable that human beings have learned that efficiency is a contributing factor for progress. In better words, they know that they should not only spend enough time but also improve their efficiency for doing their works. How can a person to promote his/her efficiency? In my opinion, the best answer to this question is that she should have planning and organizing for promoting efficiency.

Last but not least, when people have planning, they are more motivated for doing their works. In other words, people who are motivated are more likely for having a successful. In better words, people who are able to plan for their lives they are more likely to pursue their goals and try hard for reaching to them. For example, a person who has no plan for his major in university, is not able to find his essential courses and get high grades. This person just spend his time and study some chaotic courses.

In conclusion, contemplating all aforementioned paragraphs, young people who are able to plan and organize things in their lives are more likely to cope with the complexity of the life more successfully. Because they are able to spend their time correctly, be more efficient and have more incentive for achieving their goals.

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