TPO-49 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The ability to maintain friendships with a small number of people over a long period of time is more important for happiness than the ability to make many new friends

Friends play a critical role in everyone' lives owing to the connection between who we are friend with and our personality development. One prominent question which comes up in this regard is that whether the ability to maintain a small number of friends over a long period of times is more important than the ability to make many new friends easily. While an overwhelming majority believe that holding our old friends for a prolonged time surpass the ability to make new friends, the others hold the opposite perspective. I think making new friends is a paramount ability in our lives due to some highlighted reasons. The ensuing paragraphs will be elaborate on my points of view.

The most noticeable point is that making new friends means we will know new kind of skills and abilities so we can broaden our horizon which is an essential factor to develop our character. For example, consider one of your friends who is extremely organized and she always has a focused plan for his career. When you are in relation with her, she absolutely would have an instructive effect on you which lead you to be more organized. Therefore, the more friends you have, the more essential and positive skills you learn. Hence, making a new friend considerably is a valuable ability.

Another notable reason which worth some words here in that relying on some friends would make us sensitive to them and this sensitivity can cause some problems for us in the future. For instance, when I was younger, I had a few friends and I always spend my entire time with them. I barely made any new friends. But all of sudden, we went to different countries for studying at the university which separated us. Then, I really become depressed which prevent me from studying efficiently in the first semester of university. Utterly, I talked with a psychologist who taught me to make new friends and do not restrict myself to my old friends. This advice truly not only did help me overcome that obstacle but also became a turning point in my life.

Last but not least, I like to be friend with different kind of people which means I should make new friends because I like to be able to work with all kind of people in my future career. One recent survey in the Yale University has been accomplished in this regard to find out the relationship between productivity of employees and their friendship with others college. According to the result, the employees who are friend with their most college, are more successful in their career because they can collaborate with others readily. Thus, the ability to making new friend would be substantially advantageous and lucrative for us.

To sum up, taking all the aforementioned factors into account, we might come to the result that the ability to make new friends has a more eminent role in our lives, although we should maintain our relationship with our old friends. I recommend that you always make efforts to make new friends in order to gain novel experiences and do not limit yourselves by your old friends.

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