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The contemporary world nowadays is full of new technologies every day which helps people to keep their invaluable properties more secure. Previously, when someone lost its camera or documents accidentally, it was neither, possible nor accessible to bring them back. Nowadays, social media allow us to keep a record of our precious experiences online, not only for memories but also for documents. I prefer to keep them on social networks due to many useful options of this like fast accessibility and also for the security I think this method affords. I will talk about my reasons in more elaboration and explain them more in continue.
First, let’s take a look at how the fast accessibility of the records can help. Nowadays, we all have many pictures and videos on our cellphones and we can easily post them on social media. In this way, not only do we make our communication with our friends deeper as we share our moment, but we also keep that pictures as an album on our personal page. In some new meetings, we can easily open our page like the personal page of Instagram, and start sharing our memories with new people. Additionally, by having a scan of some documents on our phone, we can immediately make access to them. From my own experience, when I needed to register in an office for my exam and I forgot to take my ID card physically, I sent the scan using Icloud to one of the officers, and my problem was solved easily. Accordingly, I think this option is one of the most important ones which help us make life easier.
Apart from the accessibility, I think uploading on social media is more secure to keep the records. When a catastrophic situation comes to happen, like an earthquake, house burning, robbery, etc, we may lose all of our printed albums or even laptop or phone in that event. with this in mind, we can still keep our memories documented securely when we know we have a record of them in our Google drive or iCloud and we feel deeply confident this way. For example, in the near past, the robber came to our house and robbed my laptop one week after I defended my Masters's degree dissertation. I still didn't have given my last versions to the university. Thanks to Google drive, I did have access to them and the university allowed me to be graduated. Therefore, uploading can help us to keep necessary documents and pictures more always in touch no matter what happens.
All in all, if all the factors are contemplated, I think this innovation can not only make human life easier, but also it can be helpful in many other ways. when we can take advantage of that, why not use it?

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accordingly, also, but, first, if, look, may, so, still, therefore, apart from, for example, i think

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para 1: introduction
para 2: reason 1. address both of the views presented for reason 1
para 3: reason 2. address both of the views presented for reason 2
para 4: reason 3. address both of the views presented for reason 3
para 5: conclusion.

So how to find out those reasons. There is a formula:

reasons == advantages or

reasons == disadvantages

for example, we can always apply 'save time', 'save/make money', 'find a job', 'make friends', 'get more information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

or we can apply 'waste time', 'waste money', 'no job', 'make bad friends', 'get bad information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

It is not exactly right on the topic in the view of e-grader. Maybe there is a wrong essay topic.

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