Where do you think the government should invest less in a difficult economic situation in arts parks and public gardens or scientific researc

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Where do you think the government should invest less in a difficult economic situation, in arts, parks and public gardens or scientific researc

By and large, it is established beyond doubt that a balanced economical infrastructure is of paramount importance for the development and advancement of a country. In this regard, governments are paying attention to the establishment of various sectors in the country, such as art, technological research, and parks. No doubt, all the sectors are indispensable for the success of a country. However, at the time of crises, the government has to allocate its resources to certain limits. If that is the situation, I will champion the opinion that authorities should pay minimum attention to the art department. In what follows, I will delve into the most crucial reasons to substantiate my viewpoint.
The first compelling reason corroborating my stance is associated with the notion that spending resources on arts would be a wastage of precious resources at this critical time. Since it is a mere entertainment or luxury of life, so it would not be hard for people to sacrifice that. By way of illustration, five years ago, my country had to go through the same circumstances, the government lowered its budget on art and entertainment. It did not have any effect on people's life because they were still provided with the prime needs of their lives. It is worth mentioning that I was a big fan of music and I heard music to release my stress. Fortunately, I started going to the park adjacent to my house, which was quite powerful to reduce my anxiety. My example clearly manifests that minimizing the expenditure on arts would not affect people's lives dramatically.
The second rationale behind my opinion is rooted in the fact that technological breakthroughs are critical for a country's progress. Since it provides solutions to ongoing problems by proving alternate resources. Therefore, compromising such projects would exacerbate the problems. My opinion on this matter is profoundly influenced by the current pandemic situation. My country is undergoing Covid 19 pandemic. If the government will stop or reduce spending on research projects, my country would be seriously affected. People are losing their loved ones every minute; therefore, Medical research and the development of a vaccine to eradicate the root cause of this virus are essential. In a crisis like that people can live without entertainment, but if they can not survive then who will perform the arts and who will cherish the entertainment. It is crystal clear to see why spending on arts could be compromised.
By perusing the above paragraphs, one can infer that at times of crisis, spending less on art is an intelligible decision. For the sake of brevity, few points are worth reiterating. First, spending on arts would be a wastage of resources because it's just entertainment. Second, spending on technological research will provide solutions to problems, and eliminate the crises.

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