Would you choose a large university or a small university?

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Would you choose a large university or a small university?

For most students, entering to a university is exciting, especially the famous one that they are fascinated to get in. Some may choose a small college so that they will be able to have closer attentions from professors. However, I would prefer a large university for the following advantages.

First, large universities offer variety of courses. Students can easily choose other optional classes and expand their academic knowledge. For example, Khon Kean University Thailand has more than ten academic departments, such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Finance, Accountant etc. While I was pursuing a pharmacy degree there, I also took Computer, English, and Chinese classes for my own interest during summer. This made my resume more attractive when I applied for a job after graduation. However, if I had studied in a small university, I would have limited and missed this important opportunity.

Second, large universities provide more facilities. Because there are many academic departments in one big place, more facilities are needed. For example, I went to other libraries when I wanted to change new studying atmospheres such as at Engineering library that had a lot of engineering students there. Likewise, when I felt bored of eating the same menu in the Pharmacy cafeteria, I often went to eat at others such as at the Finance cafeteria. Moreover, there were plenty of exercising choices I could choose; gym, swimming, playing tennis, dancing etc. My big university offered sufficient facilities and activities for its students and faculty members.

Finally, students are likely to have more connections studying in a large university. For example, only one year that I lived with my roommate majoring in Finance and she taught me how to invest in stock market. However, I still keep in touch with her and our relationship is still good till these days. In addition, there were many restaurants in the campus that students can hang out after class or in evenings. This helps students to meet more friends who have different interests and majors from themselves.

In conclusion, in considering of choosing a small or a large university, I have explored the significant benefits of the later, which may not persuasive to all, I think a large university is better.

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