Chaco houses

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Chaco houses

The reading states the usefulness of the Chaco houses and provides three theories of support. However, the professor explains that none of these arguments upon the houses are convincing and refutes each of the author's claims.

First, the article claims that the structures were purely used as residential homes since they look alike to those structures utilize for Southwest societies, in which they have been living for centuries. The professor refutes this point by saying that the outside of the houses, indeed, look similar to later apartment buildings. Nevertheless, the inside of the residences cast doubt regarding many people living there. If many dwellers would have lived there, Chaco Houses had lots of fireplaces, but they did not have them. Therefore, this hypothesis cannot be supported.

Second, the reading posits the houses were made to store food. Because the gigantic space available, it is suggested that the Chaco homes were designed to keep grain maize and save it for long periods. However, the professor says that this theory is unsupported by the evidence. Moreover, some excavations were performed there, and any maize remains have been found. The professor mentions that if the houses were used to store maize, many containers or residuals of maize would have been found.

Third, the article says that since a pile of old materials, as broken pots, were discovered in the structures, the houses could have been used for ceremonial rituals. The professor opposes to this point by explaining that other materials beside broken pots were discovered as well, such as construction materials. Thus, the broken pots were left over when constructing. Therefore, this last hypothesis also is unsupported based on the evidence.

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since they look alike to those structures utilize for Southwest societies
since they look alike to those structures utilized for Southwest societies

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