The food industry has been overusing hard to recycle plastic packaging However it has caused severe environmental issues As a solution to the plastic packaging crisis casein based plastic packages which are made out of milk proteins have recently been inv

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The food industry has been overusing hard-to-recycle plastic packaging. However, it has caused severe environmental issues. As a solution to the plastic packaging crisis, casein-based plastic packages, which are made out of milk proteins, have recently been invented. The edible milk-based packaging promises to have advantages in general.

First of all, using casein would reduce a large amount of waste. Casein-based wraps are biodegradable, which means they can easily dissolve in water. The good news is, they hardly have any impact on the maritime environment. This is because casein is a chief protein in milk, and protein does not do any harm to the environment when disposed of. Significant drops in landfills can be expected.

Second, food can stay fresher when using casein-based plastic packages. Casein is much more effective in blocking oxygen due to its pores, which are smaller than those of other kinds of plastic materials. Since casein-based films possess strength and low oxygen permeability, they become more effective in preventing food spoilage during distribution processes.

Third, casein-based plastic bags can be nutritious. While many other edible plastic packages are made out of starch, casein contains a high number of proteins and other edible substances such as hydroxyl and amino groups, which are good for producing enzymes, hormones and other bodily chemicals. These are also very nutritious for our bones and muscles. Other nutrients, such as vitamins or probiotics, can be added for more health benefits.

The reading and the lecture are about casein-based packages. The author of the reading feels that casein-based packages have more advantages than normal plastic. The lecturer challenges all the claims made by the author and says that they are not actually correct. He explains his reasons hereunder.

Firstly, the lecturer states that casein-based package usage will not decrease the amount of waste. Moreover, extra packaging would be necessary because of their vulnerability to water. Additionally, due to their vulnerability to water, we finally choose to have plastic packaging. Furthermore, it creates more environmental damage than expected. On the other side, the reading argues that casein-based packages will decrease the waste, dissolves in water making them eco-friendly, and it does not cause any harm to the environment.

Secondly, the reading posits that food can be maintained fresh by using casein-based packages as it blocks much of oxygen to enter because their spores are smaller than plastic. However, the tutor counteracts this particular point by saying that as casein-based packages are vulnerable to water, it easily absorbs water. He also adds the point that as they are highly sensitive to water absorption, they alter the product's taste, and also the hygiene is hampered.

Finally, the professor mentions that casein-based packages are nutritious but not for all people. As there are many people who suffer from allergies even with minute contact of milk products. Moreover, this will not be a good option for them and would not be helpful to be nutritious for them. On the contrary, the writer implies that casein-based packages are more nutritious.

All in all, by considering all points into account the casein-based packages are not good for the people, because of their vulnerability to water, hampers hygiene and affects taste. It is also not useful for many people having milk products allergies.

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