Lecture script(professor)Now let me tell you what happened. The president of Acme Accounting needed to come to a decision about how to deal with the serious problem of tardiness among the junior accountants.One member of the company's senior staff had sub

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Lecture script

Now let me tell you what happened. The president of Acme Accounting needed to come to a decision about how to deal with the serious problem of tardiness among the junior accountants.

One member of the company's senior staff had submitted a proposal to have junior accountants make up the time that they were late by staying after the workday was finished. The president considered this plan but decided that the penalty was not harsh enough to stop the problem. After all, it seemed to be more of a bonus than a penalty. Under this plan, junior accountants could basically set their own hours; they could decide to come in an hour or two late every day and then merely make up the hours that they missed by staying late. The president then considered the plan that had been submitted by a different member of the senior staff. Under this plan, money could be subtracted from a junior accountant's salary if he or she came to work late. This plan seemed to contain a penalty in it for tardy junior accountants because those who were tardy would lose part of their salary.

There was a big drawback to this plan for the company, however. Under this plan, if employees were late, then the company would lose work. If a junior accountant came to work an hour late, for example, then the company would lose an hour of work. This didn't seem to be a good plan for the company because the company couldn't afford to lose a lot of work. After considering both of these plans, the company president came to a decision about what needed to be done. The company president decided to impose a combination of both plans. If a junior accountant came in late, then two penalties could be applied: The accountant could lose pay for the time missed and then would also have to make the missed work up. This seemed like a rather harsh solution to the company president, but it seemed to be the best way to solve the
company's tardiness problem.


Acme Accounting Company was facing a serious problem with tardiness, a problem that was beginning to have an impact on the success of the company. It had become extremely common for junior accountants to arrive late in the morning and return late again after lunch. Junior accountants had been coming late, with impunity, for so long that it was commonplace for each junior accountant to average missing one hour of work per day due to tardiness. Because the problem was so serious, the company president asked members of the senior staff to submit plans for dealing with the junior accountants' tardiness. The company president wanted to consider various plans submitted to him by his senior staff and then come to a decision about the best plan to follow. The members of the senior staff submitted plans in writing. One of the plans called for make-up time for work missed.

According to this plan, if a junior accountant is an hour late arriving at work, then he or she has to stay an hour late to make up the work that he or she missed. The other plan submitted by one of the senior staff presented a different way of dealing with the problem of tardiness: this plan involved subtracting pay from the salaries of junior accountants who are late for work. According to this plan, if a junior accountant arrives at work an hour late one day, then an hour's pay is subtracted from the junior accountant's salary check. The company president wanted to consider these two plans before coming to a final decision about how to deal with the problem.

The given set of materials was about problem faced by Acme Accounting Company with it's tardy junior accountants and finding out ways to resolve it. The reading provides problem with two potential solutions while in the listening the president decides on what and how this problem can be fixed.

The problem with junior accountants was that they used to arrive an hour late and company was loosing it's work. To find out the solution, proposals were called by president from senior staffs. One potential solution was to make up a missed work by staying an hour late after work. Another potential solution was to deduce the salary of missed work.

In listening, the president came up with the decision understanding the consequences of both solution. The first solution was not harsh enough as they can decide their own working hour and the second solution although being harsh, company will still lose the work. So, the president decides to choose the solution combining both the solutions to deal with this problem.

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