TPO-07 - Integrated Writing Task In an effort to encourage ecologically sustainable forestry practices, an international organization started issuing certifications to wood companies that meet high ecological standards by conserving resources and recyclin

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The article states the how the eco-certified product is having its business in market and how are the consumers behavior towards these eco-certified products. It also gives three instances expressing how are the influence of the consumers on the eco-certified products. While, the professor, opposes the idea expressed in article and give three supporting reasons for contradicting.

First, the article states that Americans are persuaded by the touting companies and would not trust the advertising claims made by the eco-certified product manufacturing organizations. But, the professor confutes this statement. According to professor, Americans would definitely distinguish between products. They do seek for the product that sounds trustworthy.

Second, the article says that the Americans are concerned about the value of the price and are likely to go behind the product that are less expensive. But, as per the professor this is not true. As per the professor, he believes that Americans do care about the price of the product but at the same time they will also are concerned about the quality. Only if there is are two product which are having almost same price with five percent difference in the cost, then the people would go with the price that seems reasonable. The professor also says that Americans are also concerned about the nature and would like to preserve it.

Third, the article averts that it is unconvincing that American companies tries to keep up with the rest of the world. Whereas, the professor refutes this by saying that the American wood companies are definitely concerned about their international market. This is because, if Americans show slow progress in this matter, surely, the foreign companies would tent in the American markets. Hence, they are concerned about their competition in the international markets.

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