TPO-09 - Integrated Writing Task Car manufacturers and governments have been eagerly seeking a replacement for the automobile's main source of power, the internal-combustion engine. By far the most promising alternative source of energy for cars is the hy

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The article states the efficient way of using one of the naturally available substance, hydrogen for running the automobiles instead of using internal combustion engine. It also states three main advantages of using the hydrogen based and fuel cell engine. However, the professor refutes the facts stated in article and also gives three reasons to prove how the article is wrong in its stand.

First, the article states that petroleum is one of the resource which is non-renewable and as a solution, a renewable resource, that is usage of hydrogen fuel-celled should be adopted. The professor however confutes the solution stated. Even though the professor agrees upon that petroleum is finite, she argues that process of obtaining the hydrogen in the consumable form is very tedious. Although hydrogen is readily available in the nature, it is not in the usable state. To obtain the pure form of hydrogen, in the liquid state, purification process has to take place and this hydrogen liquid should be kept under very cold temperature at minus 253 degree Celsius. For this it would require sophisticated lab requirements and its also not practical.

Second, the article states that the usage of hydrogen based fuels would reduce the pollution. While the professor deny this saying that the usage of hydrogen based fuels indirectly lead to the pollution. This is because the process involved in the manufacture of the liquid hydrogen would require more energy like oil, coal and other resources which would result in the pollution. She argue using hydrogen based fuels would not solve the problem of pollution control.

Third, the article averts that usage of fuel-cell engine would improve the economy. Whereas, the professor opposes this statement too. She says that manufacturing fuel cell is done by decomposing the platinum and hints that platinum is very very expensive. She also says that without platinum, the hydrogen would not decompose and she also indicated till today this process has never succeeded.

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