TPO 10 Integrated Writing Task

The Reading and the lecture are both about the decreasing of the population of the sea otter which is a small mammal. The author of the reading mentions that the reasons of declining in populations is because of the environmental pollution rather than the predators. The lecturer challenges the claim made by the author. She is of the opinion that the population decreased due to the predators .
To begin with, the author argues that the oil rigs and the industrial chemicals are the main reasons for the pollution. The article mentions that the water sample have too many chemicals that decrease the otter's immune system which lead to their death. This specific argument is challenged by the lecturer. She claims that the predators are the main cause of descending the population where the alaskan wouldn't expect that . Additionally, she says the remaining of the otter can not wash up .
Secondly, the author suggests that the seals and sea lions were also declining, so the otters has also effect on the other sea mammals. In the article It's said that it affects the entire ecosystem rather than a single species. The lecturer, however, rebates this by mentioning that the whale changed their diet to survive because of the human hunters.she elaborates on this by bringing up the points that the whales tries to catch sea lions, seals and sea otters.
Finally, The author positions that the pollution hypothesis could also explain the uneven pattern of otter decline. Moreover.In the article, it is stated that the ocean currents or other factors have created unequal concentration of pollutants along the coast. In contrast, she lecturer's position is that uneven pattern made by the ocra. She notes that the orca are so large and goes to shallow places where sea otters are declined.

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