TPO 13 integrated writing

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TPO 13 integrated writing

The reading passage claims that private collectors of fossils cause negative effect to the science and public. However, the lecturer the listening argues that private collectors have more advantages than disadvantages.

First of all, the reading suggests that private collectors would disallow people to see the fossils. Then, it would lower people's interests on fossils. Yet, the lecturer proposes that selling fossils to people can contribute on more people seeing fossils. Small organizations such as schools and libraries can collect fossils by themselves to make more people get a close observation to fossils.

Secondly, the reading believes that scientists would miss out access of fossils since the fossils go directly to the buyers. Nevertheless, the lecturer disagrees and points out that before fossils are sold, it must needs scientists to identify the background of fossils. As the result, even the fossils are destine to be collected by private buyers, they will be first surveyed by experts.

Finally, the reading passage asserts that the fossil collectors would destroy valuable sites because they don't do deep research before excavation. Once again, the lecture disproves the argument. She suggests because there are not enough experts and data to exploit sites, there are lots of sites being undiscovered. She says that the more fossils coming out is better than not coming out.

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