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TPO-14 - Integrated Writing Task Every year, forest fires and severe stormscause a great deal of damage to forests in the northwestern United States. One way of dealing with the aftermath of these disasters is called salvage logging, which is the practice

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Both Reading and Listening discuss salvage logging. The article state that Forest are exposed by fire and severe stormncause a deal of damage every year. Article tells that advantage of salvage logging such as removing trees, protecting from forest from bark beetle and economic advantage of its. However, the speaker refutes each authour's reasons and provide severals explanations.

Firstly, the article claims that recoving of forest will take long time if dead tree remove. Removing dead tree makes forest fresh to growth immediately. And article also states that insects such as the spruce bark beetle like decaying woods. Removing decaying woods also will protect forest the danger of insect. However, The speaker refutes it by saying that cleaining forest does not necessary. the decay of trees and forest have significant importantance. It is important for soil. Salvage logging is more dangerous that insect and insects are also source of other animals. They are important for other animals.

Thirdly, the article posits that salvage logging is significant important in terms of local economy. Industires use forest for their production. A fire can be damage for these industries. Salvage logging make new job prostects. it create additional jobs. The speaker opposes this by saying that economic benefit of salvage logging is small and job prospect are also temproray.

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