TPO-15 - Integrated Writing Task The cane toad is a large (1.8 kg) amphibian species native to Central and South America. It was deliberately introduced to Australia in 1935 with the expectation that it would protect farmers' crops by eating harmful insec

The reading passage and the lecture discuss this fascinating topic The cane toad in Australia, which is amphibian species and it would protect farmers crops by eating a harmful insect and the toad multiplied rapidly. The article claims that they know the way to stop the spread of the cane toad in Australia he provides three methods to do this. The lecture cast has serious doubt about the claims made in the article, the professor said this the methods in reading is either unsuccessful or cause damage.
First of all, the author of the article states that by building a national fence. this point is challenged by the professor he states that it is hard to stop the populations of the cane toad by fences because of the young cane toad and the eggs of cane toad live near to the river or stream of water so if stop them by fences with some part in Australia there will be a river or stream by water wave they can access cross to the fences and only a few of them can grow population.
Secondly, the reading passage states that toads could be captured and destroyed by volunteers, as they are easy to capture and can be captured by hand. This point rebuts by the professor he states although that captured cane toad is easy untrained volunteers can destroy Austraila native frogs and some of them are already in danger because of it is hard to identify between cane toad and other frogs.
Finally, the article states that with the help of researchers they are developing a disease-causing virus to control the cane toad populations. The lecture states that this will be horrible for cane toad in their native place Central and South America as there is a lot of reptile and amphibian goes to America for research and some reptile people buy once the virus goes to America it will cause damage in cane toad which is native this place and essential for America.
In summary, both reading the passage and lecture give some interesting fact about The cane toad but a significant amount of fact support that there is no clear reason that the methods given by reading passage can stop cane toad. Therefore reading passage failed to justify.

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...a he provides three methods to do this. The lecture cast has serious doubt about th...
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...ates that by building a national fence. this point is challenged by the professor he...
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... by reading passage can stop cane toad. Therefore reading passage failed to justify.

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