TPO-21 - Integrated Writing Task Genetic modification, a process used to change an organism’s genes and hence its characteristics, is now being used to improve trees through genetic modification. It is possible to create trees that produce more fruit, g

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The reading passage and the professor mainly discussed the genetic modification of the plants. The article states that genetic modification plants are benefited and provide three reasons to support. However, the professor mentioned that although the reading clime is true, it is also having serious problems and she opposed each of the author's opinions.
First, the article avers that genetically modified trees are harder the natural trees and they can tolerate diseases. The professor opposes this point by saying these are resistant to particular infections. He mentioned that when the virus spread in a specific geographic area the natural trees few might tolerate and survive but genetically modified trees wiped out completely because all are uniformly designed.
Second, the passage climes that it is benefited economically. The professor contended this point by saying there is a hidden cause behind it. He illustrated that the genetically modified tree seeds are more expensive than regular and the former should pay taxes to the company every time as per law.
Third, the article posits that technically modified plants prevent plant extinction and save the endanger and rare species. The professor cast a doubt on this point by saying it damage wildlife. He explained that the aggressive growth of modified plants competes with naturally grown planets for habitation 'as a result' it destroys the wildlife rather protection.

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