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TPO 22

Both of the reading passage and the listening section discuss whether ethanol fuel can replace gasoline or not. The article suggests some reasonable arguments, but the speaker casts doubt on them and proposes several reasons to refute them.

First of all, the article mentions that the ethanol fuel cannot help reducing global warming. However, the speaker disagrees with this statement by arguing that ethanol fuel is made by the corn. To be more specific, the growing corn will absorb the carbon dioxide. Therefore, when the people are planting the corn, it can help to remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

Secondly, the essay writes down that the considerable quantities of ethanol would consume huge amount of plants, which are used to feed farm animals, and it would disrupt the available resource for the animals. Once again, the speaker refutes this argument by stating that people will provide and innovate another material. To elaborate, this material is used for feeding livestock as a substantial source.As a result, it will not cause the any problems for feeding animals.

Last but not least, the reading suggests that the price cannot compete with gasoline, if the government stop offering some benefits. Nevertheless, the speaker contends that ethanol fuel can compete with gasoline because of the people needed. That is, if more and more people use ethanol fuel, it would produce further to make the balance. Furthermore, the price will drop 40% than before, if the amounts of ethanol fuel are three times available.

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