TPO-24 - Integrated Writing Task Animal fossils usually provide very little opportunity to study the actual animal tissues, because in fossils the animals' living tissues have been largely replaced by minerals. Thus, scientists were very excited recently

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The article and the lecture are both discussed the advanced findings in the fossil record of the Danuser leg bone. The article states that t Rex leg bone revealed the advanced information about the bone content and they provide three reasons to support. However, the professor explained that it is not true just a imaginary information and he refutes the each of the author's opinion.
First, the passage avers that the inner part of the bone reveals the branching system of the blood vessels in the bone. The professor says that it is not the remainings of the blood compounds. He explained that once the tissue is dead the bacteria would be colonized and release the soft and most organic residue in the bone and it seems like the blood channels.
Second, the article climes that microscopic studies show the spheres inside the bone tissue and it contains iron essential for blood cells. The professor contended this point by saying it is not a unique finding because identical findings are observed in other studies. He illustrated that it is not a red blood cell.
Third, the reading posits that fossil studies find the fibrinogen tissue, an essential chemicals substance for the matrix. The teacher cast a doubt on this point by saying never find the fibrinogen in any past studies. He mentioned that although it is an essential organ, it is not found in blood vessels and it is a part of the other body organ.

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