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The author states that edmontosaurus that lived in the North Slope migrated to the south during winter to survive and provides several explanations for that. However, the professor refutes all these explanations of the migration hypothesis.

First, the reading explains that there were no plants during winter because it was very cold and dark. On the other hand, the lecturer argues that during winter at that time, it was much warmer than today. There was also sunshine that made it possible to many kinds of plants to grow. There were actually lots of nutrition during winter. Therefore, edmontosaurus had no need to migrate south.

Second, the writer describes that this dinosaur lived in herd and it migrated like many other animals that live and migrate in herd. In contrast, the professor opposes that by saying that animals live in herd for many reasons; one of these reasons is to protect themselves from predators and still live in the same area. An example of that is elk which eats plants and lives in the south of The United States lives in herd and does not migrate.

Finally, the author claims that edmontosaurus is strong enough and able to migrate for long distances. On the contrary, the lecturer disagrees with that by telling us that young edmontosaurus were not able ot migrate for long distances. And if they did, they would slow the herd, so the adults would not reach their destination. In addition it is not possible that edmontosaurus would leave their young ones behind them to survive.

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