TPO-33 - Integrated Writing Task Carved stone balls are a curious type of artifact found at a number of locations in Scotland. They date from the late Neolithic period, around 4,000 years ago. They are round in shape; they were carved from several types o

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While the issue both the reading and listening focus on is the purpose and use of carved stone balls, which are round in shape and found at some areas in Scotland, the listening casts doubt at three main points.
At the first point, the reading states that some stone balls were found having holes and grooves on them, which proves that they may be used in hunting or fighting as weapons. According to the listening, weapons like arrows or hand axes have the science of wear. However, the stone balls do not show the same science. Instead of having crack and small pieces broke, stone balls have their surface well preserved, which strengthen the argument that stone balls were not used as weapons. This is a direct contradiction to what is indicated in the reading passage.
At the second point, the reading believes that the stone balls were used as a standard weight system for the purpose of trade since their size are uniform. On the contrary, the listening argues that stone balls were made of different types of stone such as sand stone and grind stone, which have different density. Although they share the same size, there is a likelihood that these stone balls have different weight. Therefore, stone balls cannot be used as the primitive weight system. This is an important point that was not considered by the author of the reading.
At the last point, the reading mentions that some stone balls were designed elaborately, which helps to make the case that stone balls may be used to mark social status. However, the listening confirms that many stone balls were caved with patterns that look very simple. In addition, when someone passed away at that time, they would be buried with their personal possession, but no stone balls have been found in tombs or graves. Accordingly, the idea that stone balls were used to mark personal social status is not convincing. This is yet another example of how the professor and the author of the reading contradict one another.

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