TPO-46 - Integrated Writing Task In the United States, medical information about patients traditionally has been recorded and stored on paper forms. However, there are efforts to persuade doctors to adopt electronic medical record systems in which informa

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Both the reading passage and the professor talks about the data keeping of medical report of the patients. The author of the passage states that electronic data keeping has several advantages than traditional paper based and provide the three supporting reasons. However, the professor in the lecture explains that it is uncertain about the advantages of electronic data base and refutes all the claim given by passage by providing three claims.

First of all, the author claims that in the application of electronic data base in keeping the medical report of the patients always helps to reduce the cost. He further mention that, paper record require significant amount of space to keep record, it is time consuming and difficult to access. Paper base require more space to keep record. ON the other hand, electronic data base does not require much space. And the professor refutes this statement by saying that it is not cost saving approach because every time the doctor who is using electronic data base have to use paper to note down the patient information. Paper is mandatory for legal issues like taking the signature of the patients and keeping the record of the patient information.

Secondly, The author explain that keeping record in electronic device helps to prevent error. While in the paper base there may be certain error while taking the note and sometimes doctors handwriting are so difficult to understand. The professor rebuts the statement by explaining that every time doctors keep records in paper and after a certain time period only they enter the data in electronic device.

Third, The author says that keeping the medical report on electronic data base always helps to do further research in this field. Researches can get easily the large number of data in their research. ON the other hand, the professor totally disagree with this statement, he said that it is not easy to take the medical data to use for research. Data are always confidential and no one can get information with out the patient approval. Taking data for the research has very strict law in America. There are so many procedures to take the data of the patient. Moreover, patient can block their information of medical record if the data has record in data base.

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