TPO-46 - Integrated Writing Task In the United States, medical information about patients traditionally has been recorded and stored on paper forms. However, there are efforts to persuade doctors to adopt electronic medical record systems in which informa

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The passage and the lecture are both mainly related to the advantages of electronic medical records over traditional paper-based record keeping. The passage gives three aspects to support the efforts of adopting electronic medical record systems, while the lecture argues that the advantages of the electronic records listed are all not justified.

To begin with, the passage states that the electronic medical record systems could reduce costs by decreasing the storage space and the prices of copying or faxing those records. On the contrary, the lecture argues that doctors are customed to back up the paper forms for latter examination. In this case, even the details are stored into the electronic medical record systems, the paper-based records still leave and take up the space.

Meanwhile, the passage suggests that electronic systems are of vital importance to reduce the mistakes of the records, since many handwriting faults or so are made by recording with paper form, and the process of organizing these paper records is also easy to make errors, too. On the other hand, the lecture illustrates that almost all the information recording in the electronic systems are initially written on paper and transferred to electronic form latter on. Thus, there is no business for electronic medical record systems to reduce such medical errors.

Besides, the passage puts forth that it is beneficial for researchers if the electronic medical record systems are used, as they could access and investigates the big data of medical information easily. However, this idea is also challenged by the lecutre , which says there are stict laws to restrict the access of the data of patients.

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