tpo 66 Summarize the points made in the lecture being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific methods proposed in the reading passage

The reading passage and the lecturer both discussed the possibility redeveloping of airships. The author of the article feels that the airship can be popular again. The lecturer disputes the claims made in the article. His position is that some characteristics of airships make them not likely to be widely used.
According to the reading, the airship is more economical and requires less fuel than aeroplanes or helicopters. The article mentions that airships only require the fuel to move horizontally but do not need the engine to lift itself up. This specific argument is challenged by the lecturer. He claims that the airships are filled with potential safety risks and not actually cost-saving enough. Additionally, he points out that airships are filled with light gases such as hydrogen or helium. Hydrogen can easily catch up fire, and helium, which is safer to use but difficult to obtain.
Secondly, the author suggests airships are more available to travel in hard-to-reach locations. In the article, it is said that the airships are more flexible to ship a greater amount of cargo, such as in dense forests. The lecturer, however, asserts that the use of airships is not that practical in complex locations such as forests. He says that airships are similar to ballons, are difficult to stay steady, and can be significantly affected by the wind.
Finally, the author posits that airships can be a replacement for satellites. The author contends that airships cost less to stay in the high sky due to an extended refuelling period. In contrast, the lecturer's stance is that replacing the satellite is unrealistic. He notes that airships have to cost a considerable amount of fuel to resist the strong wind at high altitudes, which requires airships to land frequently to refuel, thus being even costly.

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