TPO OG2 integrated TV shows with professors are good for everybody as teachers will become famous universities earn more donations and people learn real in depth knowledgeable things

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TPO OG2- integrated
TV shows with professors are good for everybody as teachers will become famous, universities earn more donations, and people learn real in depth knowledgeable things.

The article asserts that television programmes which invite university professors are beneficial for professors themselves, their universities, and audiences as well. The lecturer, on the other hand, overthrows this idea and rejects all three explanaiotions of the the author. In the following, her justifications, used to shed light on this controversy, will be discussed thoroughly.

First of all, the reading insists that these programmes will increase the reputation of the guest lecturers, mainly because more regular people can get to know them better. The teacher, however, opposes this notion, mainly because she claims this is not good for lecturers professionaly. Their reputation among their fellows will decline as they are not seen seriously. They will be deemed as entertainers not educators any more. Moreover, they will not be invited to conferences and meetings, and they cannot get grants for their researches.

Secondly, the passage upholds that universities will benefit as people approve of those knowledge institutues from which the professors attend the TV programmes, and they can earn donations from them. The professor says that it takes a preponderance amount of time becoming ready for these shows. The professors have to figure out what to say, prepare their presentations, practice them, and try to look good in front of cameras. In contrast, they have to spend this precious amount of time doing their researches, holding meetings with their students, and helping their universities with their businesses. Thus, universities and their students will not benefit if their professors attend these TV shows.

Tertiary, the essay insists that people can learn real knowledge by watching these programmes instead of wasteful usual TV shows. The lecturer thinks this benefit is not completely clear. She claims that TV networks intentionally do not want to develop "real" indepth programmes. The titles might be academical; however, the materials are not. For instance they may ask a professor to talk about current events, but a TV reporter can to the same providing that they had done their homework well.

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